How would you answer?

1.How many games will the Pistons win this year?

- 20 (win about every 4th game)

2.Where will the Pistons pick in the 2022 draft?

- 4th (with a bit of luck)

3.Whom will the Pistons pick?

- Jabari Smith (Auburn)

Can someone write an article about him? Intriguing prospect.

4.Rank Paolo, Hardy, Chet and J. Smith:

- Paolo, Chet, Smith, Hardy

5.How do you feel about a Killian and Cade backcourt?

- Cade looks great! It seems he regained some weight and his driving / getting into the paint is better than it was in summer league. Killians shooting form looks much better and I love his defense. During summer league I was not optimistic, but now I am feeling better about this duo in the backcourt.

6.Any major trades or free agents coming our way?

- I don't see it happening. Do you? We restore through the draft.

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