CoJo and his usage as an indictment on Casey.

I hate to belabor the point that so many others have reiterated, but at what point can the incessant usage of CoJo be considered an indictment on Casey's decision-making and ability to develop a useful roster rotation? Casey always seems determined to have an aging veteran on his team to take minutes from the younger players and many on this site attribute it to our team needing a "steady presence" but I think CoJo is anything but that. He doesn't really do a good job initiating the offense because he has absolutely no ability to beat his man off the dribble, in fact he is often stripped of the ball when he makes a move, or he loses the ball due to poor handling. His usage takes away core rotation minutes directly from fan-favorite Killian and yet so many of the fans of the team still approve of the job Casey is doing.

I'm by no means calling for Casey's job (not yet at least) but this recent stretch of roster mismanagement, coupled with the puzzling lack of usage for Hami is leading my to feel like Casey's red flags are starting to become more prominent. What do you all think?

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