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VOTE: Which surprising team in the East is for real?

Also, who is the real front-runner in the Western Conference?

Chicago Bulls v LA Clippers Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

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We are roughly at the 15-game mark for teams in the NBA, and that means it is time to start taking stock of what might be legitimate and what might still be an early-season mirage. There have been plenty of surprises, good and bad, in both conferences so far. Heck, the Detroit Pistons are playing one of the worst offensive brands of basketball we’ve seen in half a century! ..... For the record, we’re hoping that one goes in the mirage category.

The big question out West is who is the real title contender — especially as you might be prone to vote “all of the above.” If you had to have an Official Take (tm), who would you go with and defend after 15 games? Which team would you be afraid to meet in the playoffs? Which team seems like a cute regular season story but won’t translate to a playoff setting?

In the East, meanwhile, we’re more interested in which upstart team is the real deal? The Pistons have seen a couple of them already — starting the year with two against the Chicago Bulls and just recently receiving an absolute defensive mauling at the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers. The third contender, the Washington Wizards behind former Piston Spencer Dinwiddie, will not face Detroit until Dec. 8.

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