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Motor City Hoops Podcast: Pistons vs Sixers Game Recap and Reactions

I give my thoughts, reactions and analysis on Thursday nights game vs the 76ers

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On episode 60 of the Motor City Hoops podcast, I try my hand at doing the podcast solo for the second time and bringing you my instant recap and reactions to the Detroit Pistons Thursday night game vs the 76ers. I will give my overall outlook on the game and a rundown of what we saw from the Pistons. I will also give my biggest takeaway, player of the game, play of the game AND give you something to keep an eye on for the next game(s).

This is just my second time doing the podcast solo and doing an immediate game recap so I welcome ANY and ALL thoughts, opinions, critiques, etc. Drop those in the comment section, message/tweet me on twitter or shoot me an e-mail.

Your support for the Motor City Hoops podcast is greatly appreciated. Please give the podcast a rating, review, follow, subscribe and I love ALL interactions so hit me up with a tweet or DM on twitter or a comment on this post about what you think or would like to hear on the podcast!!

With that said, I hope you enjoy this episode of Motor City Hoops!