College Basketball Season Starts Today!

This is Duke coming to you from Tucson, AZ where we have TWO title contending Wildcat teams with games today in Men's and Women's basketball. The men take on Northern Arizona while the Ladies take on Cal State-Northridge.

I am originally from Albuquerque, NM (hence DukeCityVsEverybody) and my Lobos start tomorrow going up against Florida Atlantic University while the Lady Lobos start the 12th against Northern New Mexico and 1st year Head Coach and former UNM Lobo great JR Giddens.

Getting my grad degrees at Michigan I also am stoked to see Coach Howard and the fellas start tomorrow against Buffalo. The Women's Wolverine team, meanwhile, starts today against IUPUI.

Drop your schools in the comments and what teams and players you are stoked to see as we start the NCAA College Basketball season today!

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