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Motor City Hoops Podcast: Submit questions for our all-mailbag episode

Ku Khahil from Locked on Pistons will join MCH to answer all of YOUR questions

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Episode 74 of the Motor City Hoops Podcast (dropping Tuesday, December 21st) will be an ALL MAILBAG episode. Producer of MCH, Wes Davenport, will present YOUR questions about the Detroit Pistons and everything else for myself and our guest to discuss. This week we will be joined by a good friend of the MCH podcast and Detroit Bad Boys, Ku Khahil. Ku is the amazing host of the very popular daily Locked On Pistons Podcast.

The best way to engage our listeners and talk about what you want to hear is getting the topics and questions straight from you. If you have any questions or topics you would like to hear us discuss simply drop them in the comments below OR you can always tweet/DM them to @MotorCityHoops on twitter.

Your questions do NOT have to stay specifically to our Detroit Pistons, either. Ku and I both welcome any and all questions about our personal experiences, likes, dislikes and everything in between. We hope for this to be a fun and engaging episode that you will love listening to so we strongly encourage your participation. Also, I want to thank everyone ahead of time for any submissions and for your support of the MCH podcast.

After you submit your question make sure you then go check out the DBB podcast feed for Episode 73 of the MCH podcast and the flagship podcast by the amazing Ben Gulker and Lazarus Jackson!!