Coach to Coach - Casey Change It Up

I remember a time when the Detroit Tigers were in a real rut - nobody was hitting and it was leading to a long losing streak. The manager I think was Billy Martin and he decided that he'd bat all the players according to their position reference, except for the pitcher. The catcher led off, followed by the first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, short stop (I think it was Eddie Brinkman who wound up batting like .228), and so on. Know what? The Tigers finished 2nd in the AL East!

Sometimes just do something to shake things up. Sports and all games need that now and then. I think Casey should do something to just shake it up. I see he removed Cade Cunningham when no one expected it, and that was just to change things up, from what I have heard. That's a baby step, but I'm suggesting something bigger.

How would this be:

Starting PG Rodney McGruder

Starting SG Frank Jackson

Starting SF Jamorko Pickett

Starting PF Isaiah Livers

Starting C Trey Lyles

This isn't an effort to disrespect these or any of the players, it's just that no one expects this line-up, they're either seen as reserves or rookies that aren't ready yet. Just maybe they'll play their hearts out to show that they are NBA Players that want some respect.

I got to believe everyone wants minutes, and so give the guys that probably want them the most a chance to show they deserve more of them.

I'd like to have the starters sit it out this game, and simply pull for their team mates, and hopefully see just how much desire their teammates have.

My reserves, by the way, would be:

Guard Saben Lee

Foward Josh Jackson

Center Luka Garza

Just an eight man rotation unless someone gets hurt.

If we're going to lose, lose big, but I hope that these guys show heart and some fire that sparks the whole team.

Ok, if you're going to lose on an all-time losing streak, make it more interesting.

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