What will Weaver do with all the cap space in the summer? A possible offseason plan

The Pistons will have between $20MM to $35MM to spend this summer. How Troy spends all that money will be extremely important for the future of the franchise. There aren't many top tier free agents, and the two RFA that could get a big time contract (DeAndre Ayton and Miles Bridges), will likely stay with their respective teams. It would be shocking if they don't stay, especially Ayton, and even if the Pistons, or any other team, were to sign an offer sheet with the player, that the team doesn't match, it would end up working in some kind of sign and trade. Still unlikely.

The stars with player options like Bradley Beal or James Harden, or UFA's like Zach Lavine (only unrestricted star in 2022) won't be coming to a young rebuilding team neither. So, upgrades will have to be made by signings like the Kelly Olynyk one, trades, and the draft.

While I would be happy trading Jerami for the price, I'm not sure what that is. With all the young players, plus a top pick in 2022, I don't think the Pistons need more picks (if they get any, they'll likely be future picks and not high ones). Young players with potential like Cameron Reddish or Talen Horton-Tucker could be had if they were to trade Jerami Grant too, and it might be the right thing to do, but I think the Pistons won't pull the trigger unless they get a combination they like of young guy with potential + some kind of draft compensation + a veteran they can use. In this ''plan'' I'm gonna assume Jerami starts the 2022-23 season with the Pistons, but I think a trade before that, or during that seasons is likely, just hard to predict.

In this draft my favorite prospects are Jabari Smith and Jaden Ivey. If the Pistons got Jabari, I think Jerami has to go sooner or later for sure. Banchero and Patrick Baldwin Jr would also be big time additions, and Chet Holmgren is intriging as well. Depending on where the Pistons fall in the lottery, other prospects will be in consideration as well. I just spinned the Tankathon wheel and the Pistons got Jaden Ivey, so I'll go with that for now. I'd love that, and I think he will be a much better player than Killian Hayes and a better long term backourt fit with Cade.

Finally, we have free agency. I could see Weaver doing another Kelly Olynyk type of signing, getting a solid vet with playoff experience to play off the bench. Joe Ingles could be a target, as he's a versatile forward who is a great 3 point shooter and a great secondary playmaker as well. He will be 34, and his defense never was great, but I think a 1 or 2 year deal could make sense, even if it has to be a bit of an overpay. So, I could see a 2 years, $25MM deal.

The Pistons also need a rim running, blocking center, and while DeAndre Ayton is unlikely and too expensive, and a vet minimum guy probably won't be enough, I think Mitchell Robinson (UFA) is a good middle ground. Signing him to a 3 year deal worth $30MM to $35MM, maybe a bit more would give the Pistons size, a lob threat and a big interior presence.

The roster would be completed by exercising Frank Jackson's team option, maybe Diallo's and/or Lyles', and signing some other fillers with the remaining cap space. The rotation would look something like this, I guess:

Cade - Hayes

Ivey - Frank/Diallo

Bey - Ingles

Grant - Olynyk

Mitch - Stewart

With guys like Saben Lee, Lyles, Joseph and other FA signings to round it out.

Again, this is assuming they don't trade Grant, which I think could or could not happen. Anyways, if they were to keep him and do this, the Pistons would have over $30MM in cap space again in 2023, as Grant, DeAndre Jordan, Joseph and others end their deals. That FA class has more talent, and maybe the Pistons could grab something there to replace Grant, if they haven't traded him before.

Thoughts? Ingles + Mitchell Robinson as realistic FA targets this upcoming summer? Would you just trade Grant for the best offer now?

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