Holmgren, Banchero, or Smith?

Draft dream time yet? I'm already reading about it in the papers and elsewhere. There's speculation that the Pistons would draft Chet Holmgren as their pick, to add size.They've compared him to Cristopher Korpingas.

What about Isaiah Stewart? Isn't Stewart the main guy in the middle? I think the team needs size, but Banchero would probably be my pick, but there's a scoring first guard, Smith, that some say is the best of all of the options.

I sort of hate saying it again, but I'd be exploring how to yield the most assets from trading Jerami Grant during the trade season. Grant is a really good player but I think it's a waste to use him on the team while it's still tanking or at least in the learning phase of winning.

I am sticking by my original proposal from the 18th, the best trade scenario is getting two or three first round picks from Memphis. I think they'd have some interest in Cory Joseph and perhaps Josh Jackson too. I've run scenarios with the ESPN NBA Trade Machine and deals work financially, and it favors the Grizzlies with 5 to 7 more wins, depending on the final mix of players. In one of the best scenarios the Pistons also land Brandon Clarke and Kyle Anderson. Both might prove to be extremely good role players.

The Grizzlies have a pretty loaded team and whether they really need three first round picks in the 2022 draft is debatable, but making some salary dumps to free up space to re-sign Jarren Jackson definitely makes sense. If they're serious about being a deep playoff contender, adding Grant would seem to make a lot of sense too.

The Grizzlies have a great blend of youth and veteran experience, not to mention depth. Looking at their roster makes you hope the Pistons have a similar plan. Let's briefly run through their squad:

PG Ja Morant is a budding star. He's still just 22 but starting to establish himself as one of the best point guards in the NBA. Tyus Jones, 25, and DeAnthony Mason, 23, provide the team with some depth, but Cory Joseph might be a great addition for some added NBA Savvy.

SG Desmond Bane, 23, is probably flying under the radar for most people, but he's quietly establishing a very nice career as a strong shooting guard. Jarrett Culver, 22, is probably his primary back-up, but someone like Josh Jackson would fit here well too. Jon Konchar, 25, and Sam Merrill, 25, fill out the roster but aren't major contributors.

SF Dillon Brooks, 25, is a capable scorer, but adding Jerami Grant would probably be a plus, allowing Brooks to be an excellent 6th man. The team also has Zaire Williams, 20, and Yves Pons, 22, as rookies that have considerable potential. Kyle Anderson provides a veteran presence too.

PF Jarren Jackson, 22, is coming into his own and looks like a NBA Star. He's a good scorer and excellent rebounder too. Santi Adama, 19, another rookie, is also a fine looking young player. Brandon Clarke has a solid low post game, but lacks the flair of Jackson and Adama.

C Steven Adams, 28, provides the interior muscle. Xavier Tillman, 22, provides smooth passing and defensive skills too.

The Grizzlies are in first place in the SW Division with a 19-14 record, but most recently lost again the Golden State Warriors proving that they need a bit more firepower to be a true NBA elite team. Thus, adding Grant might make the difference.

Giving Troy Weaver four first round picks again would boost the Pistons potential for overcoming their malaise and build hope for the nearer term future. Adding Clarke and Anderson would be a good move too, in my opinion to make their second team much more of a force.

Here's how I'd see the Piston roster taking shape:

PG Cade Cunningham, Killian Hayes, Saben Lee, Chris Smith

SG Hamidoh Diallo, Kyle Anderson, Rodney McGruder

SF Saddiq Bey, Jamorko Pickett

PF Brandon Clarke, Isaiah Livers

C Isaiah Stewart, Kelly Olynyk, Luka Garza

With their own #1 pick, three #1 picks from the Grizzlies, and one #2 pick all coming in the 2022 draft.

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