Who says no?

With a lot more losing on the horizon, like the rest of you, I've been playing with trade machine, and come up with a 3 teamer, involving the hawks, our pistons and the kangz. Main points are, Kings get off Hield contract, Hawks get Jerami, and the pistons pick up youth.

Hawks: Jerami Grant, Trey Lyles

Kings: Josh Jackson, Kevin Huerter, Lou Will

Pistons: Cam Reddish, Onyeka Okongwu, Buddy Hield

Pistons get more shooting, and rebounding from the frontcourt, and a real pathway to being competitive in 2 years. Kings seemingly have been wanting to move buddy, and they replace his shooting with a movement shooter with more size, to free up some minutes for Mitchell Haliburton and fox. Hawks get Jerami, so, you know, tickets. Also, come playoffs, they have more defensive ability against the KDs, and Giannis', in a year when the east seems as open as its likely to be. The money works, the pathways work, so the question is, does my brain work? who says no?

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