Re-evaluating the way forward

Following last season, I was in the camp supporting building the team slowly around Beef Stew, Bey, Kill, Saben, and our 2021 pick. But getting Cade (and seeing just how good he already is) changed everything. I think the teams priority should focus exclusively on creating an environment for Cade to develop. Period. With that goal in mind, perhaps it would make sense for the Pistons to accelerate the rebuild a bit, and build a roster around Cade. Here are a few ideas towards those ends:

Top Assets to Move

Jerami Grant, Isaiah Stewart, Killian Hayes, Josh Jackson

Trade Idea #1

Jerami Grant, Josh Jackson, Trey Lyles


Buddy Hield, Marvin Bagley, Sac 2022 top 10-protected (and maybe another protected future 1st)


The Kings turn an unhappy Buddy Hield, a protected pick or two, and a potential bust in Bagley into an excellent two-way wing, and defensive wing depth.

The Pistons acquire an excellent catch and shoot 2-guard to pair with Cade, take a flier on Bagley, and get draft capital. As Hield does not need the ball in his hands to be effective, and can space the floor well, I think he is the ideal back-court partner for Cade.

Trade Idea #2

Killian Hayes, BKN 2022 2nd


Cam Reddish


The Hawks are reportedly looking to move Reddish for a 1st round pick, but it seems unlikely the pick will be better than 15th overall. Instead, they swap a surplus young wing for additional playmaking and defending to pair and backup Trae Young.

The Pistons get a talented young wing to round out their wing rotation.

Free Agency

Throw the bag at Myles Bridges.

2022-2023 Pistons Roster

Guards: Cade, Hield, F. Jackson, S. Lee

Wings: Bridges, Bey, Reddish, Diallo

Bigs: Stewart, Bagley (assuming he is resigned), Garza

Other potential targets

Jaxon Hayes, Brandon Clarke.

Thoughts? Should the Pistons continue to develop around their young players, or should they attempt to consolidate some in order to create a roster more conducive to Cade's development?

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