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Snow Alert: Pistons Schedule Changes Again as Dallas game is swapped for a Bulls matchup

Dallas is under snow, Chicago instead

Dallas Area Hit With Snow Storm, Two Days Before City Hosts The Super Bowl Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

As previously announced, tonight’s game against the San Antonio Spurs has been postponed due to a positive test within the Spurs organisation.

Today, we also got some news about the Pistons trip to Dallas tomorrow, via Shams Charania.

The last time I can remember a Pistons game being delayed for a weather event was a few years ago in Atlanta, where snow caused the entire city to descend into gridlock.

But with the fluid nature of the NBA this season, the schedule makers were already hard at work finalising a replacement game.

This game wasn’t meant to be until later on this season, but due to Detroit’s trip to Dallas snowed out, plus Chicago’s meeting tomorrow with Charlotte postponed due to COVID reasons in the Hornets franchise, this game has been moved up to avoid both teams slipping too far behind.

The NBA has since confirmed the new game, tipping at 8pm Eastern.

The two games this week brings the Pistons total of postponed fixtures up to four on the season, adding to earlier postponements against Denver and Washington. Plans to make up these postponed games have not been announced.