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Pistons Vs. Everybody: Blake Griffin Out, Jerami Grant Up

Laz talks about Blake Griffin’s descent and Jerami Grant’s ascent on this week’s pod

Lazarus Jackson (@lazchance) goes solo to talk about the ripple effects of the joint decision to shut down Blake Griffin, and Jerami Grant’s 43-point night against the Chicago Bulls.

That became a discussion about Eastern Conference Player of The Week Saddiq Bey, waiting by the phone for your agent to call, Our Old Friend Andre Drummond, Detroit only beating great teams, trading Blake Griffin for Steph Curry, Fake ESPN GM Bobby Marks, addition by subtraction, Jerami Grant schooling Patrick Williams, evolving your position, playing better just in time to play the bad teams, when the NBA Draft talk will come on this podcast, and more.

The 2021 NBA Draft talk is coming soon, I promise. It’s not just a cadre of draftniks who are interested in what the Pistons do this year in the draft; my most-listened-to episodes of the last six months are the 2020 Draft recap episode and the episode I put Cade Cunningham’s name in the title. People are hungry for analysis of what the future of the Pistons could look like, but I told myself that I would not start deep diving into the future until the present was at least somewhat through.

Thanks for listening, as always. Enjoy the podcast: