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Pistons Vs. Everybody: Point Guard Parade

Laz goes it alone to talk about the Saben Lee Explosion

Lazarus Jackson (@lazchance) goes solo to talk about Saben Lee’s back-to-back career nights, Jerami Grant being snubbed (ehh... not really) from the All-Star game, and Dennis Smith Jr. finding his niche.

That became a discussion about winning too many games late in the season, the attempted murder of Nikola Vucevic, the fickle love fans have, Eastern Conference first-time All-Stars, injuries, #PistonsTwitter all realizing the same thing simultaneously, The Core Four, long western road trips the Pistons always lose Mason Plumlee turning into Wilt Chamberlain against the Pelicans for some reason, the very human emotion of jealousy, Svi Mykhailiuk shooting slightly easier shots, name-dropping a bunch of other podcasts, and much, much more.

I also ended the podcast with a tiny bit of draft discussion. We are inching closer to the draft, we are inching closer to freedom from my self-created “Draft talk on the podcast” prison. I hope it brings all Pistons fans joy.

As always, thanks for listening, y’all. Enjoy the podcast: