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Isaiah Stewart ejected for shot to Blake Griffin that Griffin sold in Blake Griffin-like fashion

Blake Griffin has always known how to sell a call

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Detroit Pistons Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Blake Griffin returned to Detroit for the first time since he was bought out by the team and caught on with the Brooklyn Nets. Griffin was obviously energized and had his best game as a Net in the team’s 113-111 win. Blake had 17 points and a nice alley-oop dunk. He also sold a number of calls, a Blake specialty, including one that got rookie Isaiah Stewart eject from the game.

Griffin recently announced a new prank show to air on TruTV, and I feel like tonight might have been a perfect segment. It all started when Griffin delivered an elbow to Stewart in the scrum after a free throw.

Stewart, who has shown he isn’t willing to back off an inch from anyone this season, didn’t take kindly and delivered a open-hand shove or a bit of a forearm to Blake’s facial region.

Blake, ever the performer, sells the move hard to make sure he gets the call.

This resulted in a Blake technical foul and a flagrant-2 and automatic ejection for Isaiah Stewart. They didn’t explain the call on the floor, but I guess it’s because it was an intentional blow to the head, albeit much milder than Griffin made it out to be.

I don’t really blame Blake here. Selling contact has always been a part of his game. He’ll always seek contact and make sure it’s recognized.

After the game, Casey said Stewart needs to know better.

“You can’t be baited into a situation like that. Understand your opponent and how they play. Great learning experience. Hopefully, he learns from it,” Casey said.

But an ejection for Stewart here was excessive. The game had already seen three technicals up to this point, including Blake’s during this play, so I guess the refs were desperate to get the game under control, but come on. I’m not even sure Blake felt that little love tap from Stewart.

If Isaiah Stewart wants you to feel something in retaliation, I’m sure he’d have something else in mind. The dude is built like a tank.