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Detroit Bad Boys Podcast: Mid-Season Grades

Laz and Ben give out mid-year grades for the Pistons.

DBB podcast

Hey everyone. This is Laz Jackson of Detroit Bad Boys, and on this week’s episode we talk about your 10-26 Detroit Pistons. Ben Gulker and I give out our mid-season letter grades for the Pistons, and talk a little bit about the Blake Griffin Buyout finally occurring.

The grading rubric took a couple of iterations to crack, but I think we got it into a good place where Ben and I could accurately discern how we wanted to grade guys without being overly negative. On a 10-win team, by an objective measure, there’d be a lot of poor grades, but that’s not in alignment with the way the season has gone, honestly, for the Pistons. So I hope you guys enjoy the scale we used.

Or you hate the scale, and you disagree with all of our grades. That’s cool too! Just keep hate-listening, the algorithms can’t tell the difference.

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Thank you for listening. Enjoy the podcast: