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Detroit Pistons fans pleased with the direction of the franchise

Fans also say health and availability should influence award voting

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Detroit Pistons v Miami Heat Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

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In the latest SB Nation Reacts survey, a full 100 percent of responding Pistons fans are confident the team is headed in the right direction. If that doesn’t sound quite right to you, make sure you sign up for the polls, and you’ll get to answer exclusive Pistons questions and questions about the general NBA.

It’s not terribly surprising so many Pistons fans think things are headed in the right direction even with all the losing. It all comes down to ceiling. This team is nowhere near reaching its potential, and has a chance, however small, of finally drafting the franchise-changing player near the top of the upcoming NBA Draft. Combine that with further development from a young core, an aesthetically pleasing brand of basketball and a front office that seems to get it. It’s exciting times as we enter the season’s final stretch.

In addition to trying to make improvements to the team as a whole, NBA players are jockeying for position in the awards races. This year more than most, health has become a major factor in deciding who deserves to win awards like the MVP and Rookie of the Year.

According to a vast majority of fans, being able to stay healthy and be available should be a major factor in deciding awards.

No matter the stars currently on the roster, NBA teams are always looking to add the next young superstar. There are a group of players under the age of 25 that have clearly separated themselves from the pack.

According to fans nationally, 55 percent would most want to add Luka Dončić to their current roster. Behind the Dallas star, 21 percent picked Zion Williamson, 13 percent went with Jayson Tatum and 11 percent for Devin Booker.

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