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Beef Stew makes beef stew with Bad Boy who stewed beef among opponents with the help of America’s Test Kitchen

Isaiah Stewart, Rick Mahorn and Detroit native Elle Simone Scott serve up some beef stew and Pistons trivia

Cleveland Cavaliers v Detroit Pistons Photo by Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images

Isaiah Stewart and the Detroit Pistons are embracing the Beef Stew monkier, and what better way to show that than making some beef stew in the kitchen with America’s Test Kitchen.

This is a bit of my world’s colliding as I love and cover rookie Isaiah Stewart and have watched America’s Test Kitchen regularly like the true nerd I am for the past 15 years or so.

Even better is it is a chance to showcase Elle Smone Scott, a Detroit native and former social worker who made a late transition into the culinary world. She’s been featured on America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country since 2016.

In practice, this video is a test in patience for Scott, who is trying to be a culinary instructor over Zoom for two guys who seem like they don’t cook much. And it provides an opportunity for Rick Mahorn to ham it up for the camera, which he has no trouble with whatsoever.

Stewart, I’m sad to say, doesn’t speak much and had some microphone placement problems.

The dish is a weeknight beef stew meal that gets a bit of an umami boost with anchovy and soy sauce to counteract the 30-minute cooking method.

In the end, everyone is impressed with their homemade meal — Stewart especially — and Scott is officially crowned a Bad Girl.

I’m hungry.