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Pistons Vs. Everybody: Primary Equity

Laz brings on PD Web to talk about the 2021 NBA Draft

Lazarus Jackson (@lazchance) and PD Web (@abovethebreak3) talk about the Detroit Pistons’ options at the top of the 2021 NBA Draft, and the progression of the Pistons’ rookies from the 2020 NBA Draft.

That, in turn, became a discussion about primary equity, Mick Foley, strength as a relative concept, styles making fights, three different Jalens, getting to 250, Detroit Bloodbath, the easiest problem to solve in the NBA, the square root of 144, Sharife Cooper, chaos agents, predictable struggles, generational big men, a symphony on defense, the single best development situation for a guard in the last 20 years, Rasheed Wallace in high school, properly valuing role players, un-retiring numbers in 2060, and much, much more.

PD is a longform thinker, someone I learn something from every time I read him, and a funny dude. Follow him on Twitter, check out his Twitch channel and his YouTube channel, where he breaks down film of prospects, and support him on Patreon. His Patreon is free and I pay for it anyway because that’s how smart he is.

Thanks for listening, y’all. Enjoy the podcast: