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Ron Marshall Memorial Mock Draft 2021 Sign-Up

Expansion has been voted down in the interest of simplicity; it would seem that I am not the only one who is busier than last May

Denver Nuggets v Detroit Pistons Photo by Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images

Self-explanatory: if you want a fake team, say so in the comments of this post.

I will keep track of the names, and then we will do a random draw for teams.

Let me know what you think about the premise of two expansion teams in the comments, as well. Thus, we will have either 30 or 32 teams.

Warning for new participants: don’t sign up if you don’t have time to check in periodically, we have in the past had some people ghost on us, which complicates matters.

CBA knowledge helpful but not explicitly required; we have a trade verification process where I make sure the math is legal (cap space or 125% rule), which is how I somehow unexpectedly got involved in a quasi-managerial role.

Free agency requires some outside attendant who has come to be known as the super agent; if nobody volunteers I can do it (this is like opportunistic magnanimity, as I don’t think free agency has a lot of big fish this season), we can just assign me a team that is way over the cap so that I won’t be dabbling much in free agency, anyway, and have a third party (Duke?) mediate those for my fake team.

Preliminary schedule: in accordance with the actual lottery, meaning June 22. Before then: expansion decision (yes or no), expansion draft (if yes), player/team options (separate thread for team option decisions by y’all, player options decided by super agent), trade “war rooms”. Then the lottery, then more time for trade senaios, then the draft once we have gotten the #measurables from the combine, which runs from June 21-27, I think.

Let me know also in the comments if you have any good ideas about making things run more smoothly! Thanks in advance.