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Pistons Vs Everybody: Cade’s Great

Laz talks to Sean Derenthal of The Stepien about Cade Cunningham’s game

Lazarus Jackson (@lazchance) talked to Sean Derenthal (@odetooden) about Cade Cunnigham’s game and why he’s the top prospect in the 2021 NBA Draft.

That, in turn, became a discussion about position-less initiators, the value of posting up in 2021, what 20 minutes on YouTube gets you, Paul George, spending most of your time not defending the ball, what 60% of No.1 overall picks only do once, time warping your perception of prospects, LeBron James playing until he’s 45, 75th percentile outcomes, splitting the baby on turnovers, Sean’s time in Philadelphia, Paul George again, growing up in Ohio, why it’s not yet time to give up on Killian Hayes, organizing on SLOBs, selling hope to fans, and much, much more.

Sean is exactly the person I wanted to talk to for this podcast, as a guy with prior, recent NBA experience who does not mince words about prospects. Follow Sean on Twitter, read his work at The Stepien, and subscribe to his Patreon.

Thanks for listening, y’all. Enjoy the podcast: