DBB Community Focus "Get To Know A DBBer"

Hey guys, I thought of an idea the other day, and if others are willing to participate, I'd like to go through with it.

Basically I'd like a weekly focus on a different community member, we'd put a spotlight on them for that week's fanpost. And hopefully Sean or someone would promote these to the front page and beautify them if necessary.

So what would the focus be? I promise it wouldn't be anything personal. Mostly just Pistons and DBB related questions. Just some fun questions and ones that will make you think about your time in the fandom, and show a bit more of your personality to your fellow DBBers. There wouldn't be any questions that would make you feel like something is too private to share, etc.

So if anyone would be interested, willing, curious, whatever the reasoning... if you'd like to participate and contribute, please email me at, that way none of you have to drop your own emails here in case that makes you uncomfortable. Please and thanks! Hope to hear back from some of you and have this be a thing that goes on for quite a few weeks during the offseason.

Also, advice on the name of this endeavor. Get To Know A DBBer? DBB Community Focus? DBBer Of The Week? Share your opinions on what you like best.

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