DBBer Of The Week: lilcombs3

I figured I would post our first one already to make some of you see that it's really not that big of a deal to get involved in, and hopefully inspire others to volunteer.

(Some minor edits were made in regards to grammar, clarity, and things of that nature.)

Have you been a Pistons fan your whole life? If not, how did you get into them?

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a Pistons fan. My dad was a huge fan, and it rubbed off on me. A moment that stuck out for me was meeting Grant Hill at Circuit City as a child while he was buying a DVD player when they first came out (yes I am old). This was during the teal era, and I was HOOKED!

Who are some of your favorite Pistons players ever?

Many of the greats such as Zeke, Dumars, Chauncey, Ben, etc. But my personal favorites are Rip Hamilton, Grant Hill and Rasheed Wallace.

Besides the championships themselves, what are some of your favorite Pistons moments? (maybe a play, a quote, etc)

Two plays come to mind. There’s a play where Isiah Thomas does the sliding pass to Rodman, then there’s Grant Hill's slam on Alonzo mourning after a hard foul. I remember watching the Hill play live and both teams had been trash-talking back and forth all game. One of the absolute nastiest retaliation plays ever.

Are there any trades or signings you were very upset about, that actually worked out better than expected?

I know you’re tired of hearing about Grant Hill fellow DBBers, but the Grant Hill trade which obviously led into a championship.

How about the opposite, trades or signings you were totally stoked about, that completely backfired?

The signing of Ben Gordon. I just kinda thought he was... better???

How long have you been a member of DBB?

A couple years now.

What is your favorite moment from DBB? (a crazy comment or an interaction, etc)

Probably has to be ScottFL constantly asking who we like at random draft slots.

What is your favorite DBBism? (taek, senaio, red pandas, rhino poop, dancing zebras, NOT NOW MATEEN!, N I G H T O F M A G I C, etc)

Gotta be senaio.

Who are some of your favorite NBA players that were not members of the Pistons (or at least not Pistons while they were a favorite)?

I’ve always liked pass first point guards, and "do it all" forwards in the mold of Grant Hill/LeBron/Larry Bird. So some of my favorite point guards are Jason Kidd, Chris Paul, Magic, Mark Price, Gary Payton, and Steve Nash. And then guys like Scottie Pippen (I hate to admit that one.), Luka (No he’s not a point guard!), and Jimmy Butler, just to name a few.

What are some current media you're enjoying? (A movie you just watched and liked, a tv series, a video game, etc)

I mean, we all play Call of Duty Warzone right? Right now I’m watching Fear Street on Netflix, it’s pretty good and I recommend it.

And in that same regard, what are some of your all-time favorites? (movies, tv shows, games)

My favorite video games have to be the classics (Mario, Zelda, Sonic, etc), but I like the Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto series of games. For movies; I enjoy Marvel, Star Wars, anything Quentin Tarantino does, The Twilight Zone, and horror films!

Do you follow other Detroit based professional sports teams closely as well? (Lions, Tigers, and Bears ...Red Wings?)

I’m a huge Tigers fan as well!

Last questions, do you think the Pistons will make the playoffs/play-in games this year? And do you think we will have an All-Star game representative?

I doubt either will occur, but neither is out of the realm of possibility. The Pistons are still a massive work in progress, and I don’t think they’re better than too many teams currently in the lottery with them.

So there, that's it! That's our little dive into lilcombs3's fandom. If you're interested in participating, shoot me an email at! Be sure to leave your username in your email so I know who you are. Hope we can enjoy reminiscing in some Pistons/DBB moments and lore, and learning a little bit about different members and their love of our team and this community. Now we just need more of you willing to be the focus and answering these questions when YOU are the "DBBer of the Week!"

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