Cade Not Made - Causes Cascade - Other Choices Made!

I read a suggestion that it would be worth thinking about what comes after the draft and whether Cade stays, Cade is traded, or someone other than Cade is picked.

Obviously, if you decide not to draft Cade you do a deal, and the ramifications of such a deal are really what starts a cascade of changes. Hmmm, notice that Cade got even in the cas-cade of events.

The analysis provided by another FanPost does a good job of reviewing some of the issues, but I think that rather than the subsequent events Weaver has to decide on the primary task at hand.

Would it be better to take Evan Mobley, get back your lost first-round pick, and perhaps even get another first-round pick to boot? The numbers are pretty daunting 3 for 1; it almost seems too easy to decide in favor of that kind of move.

Is Isaiah Stewart really going to be our big man of the future? I think it comes down to that. I think he's more likely to play power forward, if he can develop the three-point shot everyone has been talking about and hoping for as the season was winding down and ending.Playing Stewart at the 4 seems to make more sense since he's an athletic defender and it might give him an advantage over smaller 4s. Rather than hoping he can hold his own against Embid or other big 5s, I think that is a problem just waiting to happen. I think it likely needs to be addressed ASAP.

There are cards that can be played in a different way. Saddiq Bey could move to shooting guard. Jerami Grant could then play small forward. Stewart becomes the power forward. Killian Hayes hopefully stays at the 1, but you could choose to retain Cory Joseph to mentor, tutor, or simply foster the transition until Hayes or another lead point guard is retained. Evan Mobley then could develop as the long term answer at center, perhaps with Mason Plumlee being a very good compliment to spelling Mobley and Stewart as needed.

Do you keep and hope Sekou Doumbouya is a long term keeper or move on from him? Could he be a trade chip of greater value? He is not one of Weaver's picks, but an inherited piece of the puzzle. I have to wonder if he's really satisfied with him.

Three second round picks, maybe another first round pick too, so lots of direction to develop the team further can ensue. I would look for a big second year jump in Saben Lee's performance, and the rest of the squad can then be molded entirely by Weaver.

To take a picture of the squad, or better envision the pieces to be addressed here's a little run-down:

5 - PG Hayes, Lee, probably Joseph, and another one or two draft picks (McGruder TBD, Smith TBD)

3 - SG Bey, Ellington (part player, part coach), and another draft pick (F Jackson TBD)

3 - SF Grant, Diallo (Weaver brought him in and likely wants to retain him), Josh Jackson

3 - PF Stewart, Cook, and another draft pick (Doumbouya TBD)

3 - C Mobley, Plumlee, Okafor

In the above scenario, Mobley is the top pick, but acquired as the #2 overall, with our own 1st returned, and a third #1, probably #23 in this year's draft acquired. Thus the Pistons have two #1 picks in this year's draft, and three second-round picks. It seems that a bet could be added to PG or even two, plus another SG and another power forward, or even another center. Re-obtaining our own 1st round pick in the future has added benefits too.

The secondary decisions really interplay with who you obtain in the draft and how you want to further shape this very young team - retaining some veteran influence is thus an option. Smith, F Jackson, McGruder, Ellington, should likely compete with Doumbouya, Cook, and J Jackson too relative to what is ultimately drafted and envisioned for the future by Weaver.

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