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NBA Draft: How Cade Cunningham can be used in the Detroit Pistons offense

Or maybe that is how Detroit can fit around Cade Cunningham. Either way, Cade’s all around game is EXACTLY what Detroit needs

NCAA Basketball: Big 12 Conference Tournament-Oklahoma State vs Baylor Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Cade Cunningham is now a Detroit Piston. Let that sink in, and after you are done celebrating it’s time to think about what it exactly it means for the Detroit Pistons on the floor.

For my first official post on Detroit Bad Boys, I wanted to take a look at where Cade Cunningham might “fit” in with what Dwane Casey and the Pistons did offensively last season. After saying for weeks that I felt Jalen Green was the perfect fit for the Pistons (BUT STILL WOULD DRAFT CADE), I have actually changed my mind and feel as though Cade is just as good if not better.

Complete transparency, I went to, chose a month, and chose a date until the Pistons played a game that day. Essentially, I chose a completely random game for this project because I knew exactly the sets and actions I wanted to look at and most (if not all) were used in every game.

This first video involves a few set plays that Casey and his staff LOVE to run and all the different options they could utilize with Cade AND where that would get his teammates in better positions to be successful as well.

Second, I found some favorable matchups that happened throughout the game that I believe he will absolutely EXPOSE and where I think he might make the biggest impact…..making plays in “clutch” moments (he had the most “clutch” points in college basketball last year!)

None of this is to slight any player that was in those situations last year, but hopefully to showcase the situations where I feel like Cade is going to get some really good opportunities based on what we saw Casey (and staff) run last season. With that said, I think we will see plenty of new sets/plays/actions this year as they utilize the strengths of Cade, Killian, Grant, etc.