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NBA Draft: Cade Cunningham to the Pistons, latest intel, rumors and more

The Pistons have decided on Cade, the Nets are making trades and Ben Simmons is available for a steep price

2021 NBA Draft - Media Availability and Portraits Photo by Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE via Getty Images

Today is the day. It’s Cade Day. It’s Draft Day. It’s Woj Bomb day. It’s don’t you dare blow this, Troy Weaver, day. In a few short hours, the Detroit Pistons will be on the clock and responsible for the most consequential draft decision in nearly 20 years. It is the move that could very well define the next decade-plus of Pistons basketball.

All signs point to the Detroit Pistons rebuffing offers for their pick and selecting Cade Cunningham No. 1 overall. That being said, we won’t know until we know. And the moment we know is the moment Adam Silver walks up to that podium and either announces Cade, a trade or a different player.

Speaking of ...

I’ll just pass along this little nugget from Kevin O’Connor’s latest mock draft so people get a sense of where things MIGHT stand. I can’t vouch for the info, but KOC is no fabulist.

League sources say teams continue to pepper the Pistons with offers for the no. 1 pick in hopes of selecting Cade Cunningham. As of late Wednesday night, executives around the league are still predicting that Detroit will stay put and draft Cunningham, but there is at least increased chatter about the possibility of a trade down, or an outright selection of Jalen Green. Green had an outstanding workout with Detroit last week that has, at the very least, left some front office members considering the possibilities. Still, Cunningham remains the favorite to have his name called first Thursday night.

Outside of the world of speculation and into the world of actual moves being made, we have our first one of draft day. It’s not exactly a barn-burner. Philly buying a second-round pick from New Orleans, per Shams Charania.

If you’re looking for something a little bit rumor, a little bit fact and a lot more Pistons related, don’t overlook our own Lazarus Jackson who is reading some tea leaves about the Pistons and a potential second-round selection:

We will update this post with the best bits and Pistons of Pistons and non-Pistons news that we can find, but consider this a clearing house to discuss all the crazy things that emerge on draft day. See you later tonight, drinks in hand to celebrate ... The Day.

Update: 11:34 a.m.:

That thing we thought we knew about Ben Simmons and the Sixers looking for a divorce is something we still think we know, and maybe this adds a little bit of meat on the bone. Jason Dumas, a sports director at a Philly TV station says the Sixers want Simmons gone by tonight, but it seems contingent on an extremely high asking price being met.

Update: 1:44 p.m.

Cade Cunningham will be a Detroit Piston, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. We have a story about the Woj Bomb here.

Update: 1:52 p.m.

The draft board continues to take shape as Jeremy Woo of Sports Illustrated calls Jalen Green to the Houston Rockets at No. 2 “an essential lock.” Now we just need to figure out what the heck the Cleveland Cavaliers are doing (which is picking Evan Mobley, unless they are crazy).

Update: 2:40 p.m.

Woj tweeted that Cunningham was Detroit’s selection at No. 1 barring a huge trade they couldn’t say no to. If you’re wondering what that kind of trade would look like, Omari Sankofa at the Detroit Free Press has some details:

Update: 4:35 p.m.

The Ben Simmons market apparently includes the Golden State Warriors, but the asking price is so steep it seems like the Warriors are apt to walk away. according to Keith Pompey, the offer revolved around Wiggins, James Wiseman and four first-round picks.

The New York Knicks are looking to trade up into the lottery and are offing their pair of picks plus players. They have also reportedly inquired about the availability of Terrence Ross of the Magic. The Knicks, Michael Scotto reports, also gauged interest in the Spurs dealing the 12th pick.

Scotto also reports that the Hawks and Pacers discussed Cam Reddish, better known as the guy the Hawks got in the Luka trade along with Trae Young. The Hawks were reportedly trying to move from 20 to 13 by offering up Reddish. That same Pacers pick was on the Lakers’ radar, who offered 22 and Kyle Kuzma.

Update: 5:12 p.m.

The Brooklyn Nets are trading Landry Shamet to the Phoenix Suns for Javon Carter and the 29th pick in the NBA Draft, according to Adrian Wojanrowski. This seems like a chance for Shamet to re-establish a solid role in a team’s rotation, and Suns coach Monty Williams is a big fan.

And Russell Westbrook might get his wish and get shipped from Washington to LA for a chance to play for the Lakers, according to Shams Charania. That trade would center around Montrezl Harrell, Kyle Kuzma and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope going to Washington in exchange for Westbrook, Charania reports.