Draft Night Predictions

I thought it would be fun to have a little prediction competition. Here are some questions, put your guesses in the comments:

1. Which player falls the farthest?

2. Which draft pick is the most surprising in terms of "reach"?

3. What draft pick number will be the highest included in a trade?

4. Which player that should be drafted won’t be?

5. Which player that shouldn’t be drafted will be?

6. Which NBA team will make the most selections in the draft?

7. Which NBA team will make the least selections?

8. Which player will be the most upset on screen after being picked?

9. Which player is wearing the most-talked about outfit? (Some people care!)

10. Which college or international team will have the most players represented?

11. Which draft pick will DBB obsess about the most?

12. Which DBB commenter will leave the most comments on the draft thread?

13. Which DBB writer will write the articles about each pick?

14. Which DBB commenter will have the comment with the most recs?

See you all in the comments tonight!

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