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The Detroit Pistons are going to select Cade Cunningham first overall, according to report

Cunningham is the first top overall selection of the Detroit Pistons in more than 50 years

2021 NBA Draft - Media Availability and Portraits Photo by Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE via Getty Images

We got our first official Woj Bomb of NBA Draft day, and for Detroit Pistons fans, it is music to their ears. Cade Cunningham will be a Detroit Piston.

Wojnarowski reports that after a lengthy deliberation, Cunningham will be the first overall pick tonight, and that Detroit intends to keep the pick and bring Cade to Detroit.

Cunningham has spent most the year as the consensus No. 1 player in the draft, but there has been rumors of intense internal deliberations in Detroit about what to do with the first overall pick, with the debate centered on Cunningham, explosive guard Jalen Green, dominant big man Evan Mobley and also the potential to trade down in the draft.

Every story has also said Detroit’s price to trade the pick was extremely high, and that the front office was torn not in the sense that they didn’t believe the hype surrounding Cunningham, but that they viewed the top tier of the draft to be extremely close between the top three players.

Rumors of draft trades with Houston and Oklahoma City have emerged in recent days, and Woj writes that there is still potential that a trade comes in that Detroit can’t refuse, but barring that, Cade is their guy.

The decision was reportedly made early Thursday morning after a Wednesday meeting with Cunningham. The team had also reportedly secured a workout with Evan Mobley and had Jalen Green in for two workouts before making this decision.

The NBA Draft begins tonight at 8 p.m. Nothing is official until the name is read out loud and no trades are agreed to. But Pistons fans can at least breathe a little bit easier now.

It’s Cade Time in the Motor City.