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Jalen Green: “I wanted to be the No. 1 pick, but as for the location, I didn’t want to be in Detroit.”

The Houston Rockets rookie speaks out on Detroit, not being the No. 1 overall pick

Detroit Pistons v Houston Rockets Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The rivalry between Cade Cunningham and Jalen Green isn’t going anywhere.

While much of it has been fueled by comments from one side, the two are going to be compared for the rest of their careers in a very Magic vs. Larry kind of way.

But it’s really just Green pouring gas on the fire here. Cunningham has been fairly team-focused in all of his comments since joining the Detroit Pistons. He’s friends with Green and doesn’t seem to hold any grudges, nor should he.

As the No. 1 pick, he has nothing to beef with Green about. He’s THE dude here.

However, Green, a member of the Houston Rockets, has many thoughts on the Pistons’ decision to choose Cunningham over him. He talks about the “chip on his shoulder” for not going first, which is funny considering the ole’ chip on the shoulder is typically reserved for dudes picked late in the draft... not second overall.

That’s fine, though! Green can say whatever he wants. Say whatever motivates you.

Buttttt, then he said this Monday in a (great) article from Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports:

“I wanted to be the No. 1 pick, but as for the location, I didn’t want to be in Detroit,” Green told Yahoo Sports. “I felt a lot more comfortable in Houston. It felt like a real homie environment. With Detroit, it felt like I was just going back to the G League bubble, and I just got out of the bubble. That’s pretty much what it was. In the [G League] bubble, I didn’t really have anything to do but just stay in the gym. I didn’t have any time to get away for myself. The only time I had to get away for myself was in my apartment. That’s what it felt like in Detroit. I wouldn’t be stepping outside in Detroit. There are not many things you can do in Detroit like that. You’re going to stay in the gym and then go back to your apartment.”

That’s going to rightfully ruffle the feathers of Pistons fans.

Prior to the draft, Green was practically begging the Pistons to take him No. 1. Part of that was certainly the cache of being chosen first, but he seemed to genuinely want to be in Detroit. That was endearing.

Now? Not so much.

Trashing Detroit is as tired an act as there is. It reminds me of Joakim Noah crapping on Cleveland while LeBron James beat his Bulls into oblivion for the umpteenth time. It’s just lame. Get some better material or let your game do the talking twice a year.

With that comment, Green has added even more fuel to the fire. He and Cunningham will battle it out for years to come. Both will be All-Stars later in their careers, and they’ll be fun as hell to watch. The basketball part of this will be about basketball.

But it really isn’t about Jalen vs. Cade anymore.

Now, it’s about Jalen Green vs. Detroit.

Good luck with that one.