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2021 NBA Free Agency Open Thread

Discuss the opening bell of Free Agency here

Denver Nuggets v Detroit Pistons Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

It is Day 1 of (legal) Free Agency in the NBA, and the Pistons have been rumored to be interested in a lot of guys, and there could be other moves that shake up the conference. Despite the relative weakness of the free agency class, free agency season never fails to get the blood pumping and the people GOING.

What are the Pistons going to do with their restricted guys (I personally think it’s odd we have heard little-to-nothing about Hamidou Diallo’s market in or outside of Detroit)? Why did they clear cap space by trading Mason Plumlee? Are they REALLY interested in Norm Powell? DeMar DeRozan? Kelly Olynyk? Nerlens Noel?

We’re getting the answer to those questions and more, soon. Stay tuned, and talk amongst yourselves here.