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Motor City Hoops Podcast: Eli Bashi on a lifetime of Pistons fandom, the rotation, record predictions and more

Eli joins the Podcast to recap the off-season and begin our look into the 2021-2022 season

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Eli Bashi joins the Motor City Hoops Podcast for ep. 46. Eli was born and raised in metro Detroit and has been a lifelong fan and supporter of the Detroit Pistons (and all Detroit teams) while also being a contributor at PistonPowered. I start off the episode by getting Eli’s thoughts and opinions on the Pistons offseason as a whole. How exciting was it for a lifelong fan to get the No. 1 pick? Was he as excited as me about the Hamidou Diallo contract? As someone from Detroit, how much does it mean to have someone like Cade Cunningham embrace the city?

BUT we didn’t just talk about the Detroit off-season, for the first time this summer, I started taking a look forward to the 2021-22 season. Eli and I give our thoughts and analysis on how Troy Weaver trims the roster to 15, who starts, who is in the rotation off the bench, and Eli even gives his Pistons Eastern Conference finish and record predictions at the end of the episode.

As I do with every episode, we finish off by going Around the NBA. On this episode, we had the pleasure of getting to discuss Eli’s “way too early 2021-2022 NBA standings” with record predictions. What does the top of the west look like? Where did the off-season moves by the Heat and Bulls land them in the East? AND do I agree….?

All of this and MORE on this episode of Motor City Hoops!

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With that said, I hope you enjoy this episode of Motor City Hoops!