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Detroit Pistons to unveil new-look court designs next season

Little Caesars Arena is getting a bit of a facelift on the floor

No, it’s not teal, but the Detroit Pistons are looking to update and modernize their look on the floor next season with a series of new court designs at Little Caesars Arena.

The renders were made available in NBA2K21 and tweeted out by the team’s official account on Tuesday. The new design takes a minimalist approach to the in-bounds court area and a new blue trim along the sidelines with the logo extended along the halfcourt sidelines.

The team shared looks for the standard court and an alternative 313 court using the team’s recent 313 branding that looks to capitalize on city pride.

I actually like the turn to emphasizing the blue along the sidelines for a different look, and I love the minimalistic court design with the light wood color and no-color in the key. I’d love it even more if the Platinum Equity wordmark was at least 40% smaller, but what can you say.

I don’t love the 313 basketball logo they’ve been using for the past year-plus, but I know it’s a big hit with a lot of fans, and that court is even more minimalist with no color inside the blue outlines and a grey treatment along the sidelines.

All in all, I consider this a much-needed refresh while not retreating too much from the classic logo.

What do you think? Teal or nothing? Horsehead or nothing? Bring back the maroon alts?