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Motor City Hoops Podcast: Detroit Pistons Mailbag

I am joined by Michigan native Mat Issa, creator of Rise Network and “Quest for the Best”

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Mat Issa joins MotorCityHoops for the first-ever “Mailbag Episode” where we answer questions submitted by you, the listeners, about our Detroit Pistons via Twitter and the DBB website. Cade's impact on Killian? Both of their impacts on Sekou? Is the long-term No. 2 option on the roster? If not, where does he come from? All of these are answered, discussed, and MORE!

Normally, my guests and I finish episodes going Around the NBA talking about the hottest topics around the association. But in this episode, I used that time to talk to Mat about his incredible “Quest for the Best” project where he gives us the Top 10 NBA players of all time. After 70 interviews, countless hours of film, and countless more putting it all together, he will be releasing his six-part podcast series in a few weeks, AND I got the first opportunity to talk to him about it!

All of this and MORE on this episode of Motor City Hoops!

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With that said, I hope you enjoy this episode of Motor City Hoops!