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Motor City Hoops: Talking Cade Cunningham, Kelly Olynyk and more with CJ Marchessani of The Stepien

I was joined by CJ Marchessani to get his thoughts on the Pistons offseason thus far

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On this episode of the Motor City Hoops Podcast (Motor City Hoops), I was joined by one of my favorite guests, CJ Marchessani, from The Stepien and RollCallSports. CJ is one of the best NBA, NBA Draft and all around basketball content creators on Twitter, and if you’re not following him, please correct that oversight.

CJ and I started off the episode continuing to look at the Detroit Pistons draft class as I wanted to get an “outsider’s” perspective on Cade Cunningham and the second round picks. CJ gave us some insight on Cade and the second round that you do not want to miss!

We then transitioned into free agency and started off with the biggest move for the Pistons, the signing of Kelly Olynyk (read my full breakdown of Olynyk with video). We also got a chance to discuss the rest of the free agent decisions thus far for the Pistons and what he feels about the remaining two RFA, Frank Jackson and Hamidou Diallo.

We finish off the episode by going around the NBA and talking about some of the major moves around the association including the Bulls, Heat, Suns, Lakers and more.

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With that said, I hope you enjoy this episode of Motor City Hoops!