Blake "The Flake" Griffin

Arguably most notable Pistons news of the week, and not a peep from DBB. What a shocker! After all the fanboy love around here... how great he was to the city and the team... I guess I'm not surprised at the lack of acknowledgment.

The reality is this guy was a narcissist before he came here, and is clearly still one today - so obsessed with himself that he finds the need to slander his former team because of what he hears in the press or social media. This is a soft, unnecessary move... any other proud, confident player would just ignore the flack and move on.

The majority of the fanbase was thrilled when he came here, gave him the red carpet star treatment, and gave him the benefit of the doubt his entire time here. I was not one of those people, but I know that the majority of you all on this board and in general the fan base really tried to give him love.

For him to take a pot shot like this really shows his insecurities. I get "he's a comedian, it's a joke", but this is 'bro culture' humor.

Anyhow, I'm not surprised at all by this tone-deaf, soft nonsense. Glad he continues to bury his reputation, and can't wait for the team to pull some Bad Boys moves against him on December 12th.

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