Pistons mentioned as dark horse for Ben Simmons

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit was mentioned today in the Sixers Wire as a possible dark horse trade candidate for spurned star guard Ben Simmons. Although the asking prices seemed a bit off-putting to me (Grant, Joseph, and a #1 pick), it made me wonder how Simmons might look in a Piston's uniform. Another 6-8 ball handler with strong court vision, and perhaps a chip on his shoulder about creating offense, might be very interesting to add to the mix.

I hate the idea of giving up Grant who I think is developing and still hasn't reached his full potential. I also wonder if a #1 pick can be, let alone should be dealt. I think next year's pick is protected in a pre-existing deal, so it couldn't be traded, and the following year's is protected by NBA rules. Would trading say a 2024 first-round pick be wise if it added a key star piece today?

We have what seems like an abundance of point guards at the moment, but they did mention including Cory Joseph in the deal, which would perhaps not be too painful. Simmons would still have to compete and share the position with Hayes, Cunningham, and Lee, but perhaps there is some manner of shifting at least the two big guards to shooting guard and, or forward.

Yet, all this talk about the possibility of moving Jerami Grant doesn't really sit well. He seems to be a very good piece to the Piston's puzzle. Still, he is two or three years older than Simmons. It also looks like Saddiq Bey is improving and might be able to take on playing more, and you have Isaiah Stewart too that could play power forward more now that Kelly Olynyk is in town.

Giving up Grant and a #1 pick just really makes me cringe.

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