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Motor City Hoops Podcast: Anthony Bellino of the Michigan Sports Network on the biggest questions facing the Pistons

We also talk individual player expectations

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On an amazing episode of the Motor City Hoops Podcast, I am joined by Anthony Bellino from the Michigan Sports Network, Xs and Os Bros, and BCSN Sports. Anthony and I talk player expectations for members of the roster I did not get to on ep. 50. What kind of seasons do we see for guys like Hami Diallo, Josh Jackson, and a couple of the “vets”? We then dive into a really fun segment where we discussed some of “the Biggest” questions on the roster. What is THE BIGGEST short term need on the roster? Who is THE BIGGEST threat to be an unexpected starter? What player has THE BIGGEST chance NOT to meet fans expectations this season? ALL of these and more!

We finish off the episode by bringing back the Around the NBA segment BUT keep a Pistons flavor with it. We check in on members of the roster from last season that have found a new home and see what kind of impact they may have with their new team. What will Wayne Ellington bring to the Lakers? Will Sekou make an impact in Brooklyn? Etc.

All of this and MORE on this episode of Motor City Hoops!

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With that said, I hope you enjoy this episode of Motor City Hoops!