Pistons Podcast Power Rankings: Round 4 (9/25/21)

Welcome back after another couple of weeks since the last update. Honestly, given the doldrums of the current news cycle, I decided to take this to once every 2 weeks to give it a chance to get more content.

Again, I started this power ranking system to determine for myself what pods are really worth listening to. I began by ranking the Pods based on popularity as an average of Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and have been updated the ranking based on listening and reviewing the casts on weekly (or biweekly) basis. Interestingly, there's a couple of new entrants this week.

Pistons Podcast Power Rankings: Round 4 (9/25/21)

1. Motor City Hoops (Last ranking: 1; this week's grade: 6.33; Average grade: 7.08) - Another 3 episode block. Bryce may be starting to run into the plague of "quantity over quality". The first episode on 9/9 w/ Wes Davenport & @PistonsFanalyst was actually really good, and the last episode with Michigan Sports Network commentator Anthony Bellino was pretty good too. Unfortunately, the episode with Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report was a real dud; you ever read a Bleacher Report article and thought "why am i reading this? does this person even know anything about the team/sport they're writing about?"... well, that was this episode. The guest was unprepared to discuss the team in any meaningful way. Bryce needs to show a bit more thoughtfulness in selecting his guests, and honestly if a cast is a dud don't release it.

2. Locked On Pistons (Last ranking: 2; this week's grade: 5.5; average grade: 6.88) - I listened to two episodes during this period, 9/14 w/ Bryce as a guest and 9/22 solo. The 9/14 episode was good... again i think that Ku benefits when he's got a cohost; they discussed Ben Wallace induction into the HoF among other topics. 9/22 was not worth listening to... discussion of what Killian needs to do, and the eastern conference rankings. With Ku solo, it feels like he rushes in talking... his commentary is not that enlightening, but nothing new or unique. His commentary on the likely outcome of the East was pretty uninspired and lacking. Ku is just not that great to listen to.

3. Everything Pistons (Last ranking: 5; this week's grade: 8; average grade: 6.5) - Refreshingly good pod out of Andrew and Lance. Discussed the Sekou trade, and I thought their points were really accurate and kind of fun to listen to. I've typically beat up on these guys, but they've had two above-average episodes in a row. Keep it up.

4. The Bun & Cardigan Show (Last ranking: 3; this week's grade: 5; average grade: 6.5) - Episode focused on Nick's parody social media tryout for the Motor City Cruise. This is becoming a show almost exclusively about Nick's "rise" in internet stardom, almost no discussion of the team. For as much credit as we give James Edwards III, he seems really bored with his job. He rushes or dismisses discussion of the team... why are you even doing this with your life if you're annoyed talking about it? I'm being generous giving them a 5... I don't hate Nick, and the story of his tryout was kinda funny, but overall this pod just doesn't seem like its about the Pistons anymore really, but more about Nick Henkel's twitter feed ranking.

5. Driving to the Basket (Last ranking: 6; this week's grade: 7; average grade: 6.25) - Two episodes - 9/11 on overview of team Forwards and Sekou trade was much more focused than the previous one, and everyone had good contributions. 2nd episode on 9/22 was an overview of the past decade+ of the team from the end of the Goin to Work years to end of Blake saga. It was more about getting to know these guys' history as fans, but was fun and had a couple of interesting points to reflect back on where the team has been recently. These guys really thoughtfully discuss the team, even if i don't always agree with them, I think they're starting to hit their stride. Dante is the most polished in his presentation, and Mike makes some good points despite having a grating voice. Tommy is the weakest member of the crew... they might consider getting someone with more knowledge of the game to join.

6. Palace of Pistons (Last ranking: 5; this week's grade: 3; average grade: 5.33) - Episode from 9/23... kind of a recap of semi-recent news, john wall trade rumors, ben simmons trade rumors, sekou trade, and then overanalyzing camp battles. These kinds are really starting to annoy me. There's a term that I think describes Jasper and Aaron - "neckbeard" fans. These guys just like to complain about everything, especially dead money on the cap that cost the team nothing except making Tom Gores less rich. Aaron claimed Troy Weaver's haul of 4 2nd round picks doesn't matter because Troy doesn't even care about 2nd round picks... despite the fact that we've accrued more picks through trades than lost through his tenure. When discussing the value of 2nd rounders, he pointed to the uselessness of Balsa and Dividis while failing to mention the utility of Saben and the potential value of Luka Garza and Isiah Livers. Mike was the only one balancing the conversation to save this one from being totally worthless.

7. Wired Pistons (Last week: 7; this week's grade: N/A; average grade: 4) - No cast this week.

8. Detroit Bad Boys (Last week: 8; this week's grade: N/A; average grade: 4) - No cast this week... or any week since I started this ranking. Will we hear from Laz and crew anytime before the season starts?

9. Gen-Z (Last week: 9; this week's grade: N/A; average grade: 2.5) - No cast this week

10. NEWCOMER: MotorCade 313 (Last week: N/A; This week: 3; average grade: 2) - New cast. I gave them a base grade of 1 and an episode grade of 3. Honestly that was a generous 3; a rushed 20 minute introductory episode with two personalities Akhil Hollingsworth and Corey Rausch. Part of The Lead Sports Media network. Honestly these guys just seem like wannabe pro podcasters. There was nothing to entice me to want to listen to them moving forward in either their voice, presentation style, production, or commentary. We'll se...

11. Pistons v Everybody (Last week: 10; this week's grade: N/A; average grade: 2) - No cast this week, no grade.Again, is this still a pod?

12. NEWCOMER Pistons Thoughts (Last week: N/A) this week's grade: N/A; Average Grade: 1) - No cast this week but saw they did have one in both July and August. Hosted by Jordan Lederman. I haven't listened to but they seem to be making an attempt to get into the game.

The doldrums of summer have produced two new competitors, but they'll need to work harder to make their impact. Laz and Co from DBB/Pistons vs Everbody leave us hanging yet again, hopefully we'll get something soon from them. Everything Pistons is picking up some momentum to make their case for consideration as one of the best Pistons Pods, meanwhile B&C and PoP are really falling out of consideration as quality Pistons casts.

Enjoy the next couple weeks folks. By the time I'm back with a ranking we should have a lot more action with preseason just about 11 days away.

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