To Jamorko or Not to Jamorko? That is the Question

Jamorko Pickett played hard and gave the impression he wanted a spot on the Piston's regular season roster really badly. Maybe there will be a three-way competition between him, Luka Garza, and Chris Smith for one of the 15 regular positions, with the other two getting 2-way deals.

Of course, it's possible he even has another surprise in store. Could Jordan be added for a year? I tend to doubt it, but adding another big man that's a premier rebounder can't be ruled out.

So, let's look at the current roster of the Pistons:

(7) Guards - Cunningham, Hayes, Lee, Joseph, F. Jackson, Diallo, C Smith

(6) Forwards - Grant, Bey, J. Jackson, Lyles, Livers, Pickett

(4) Bigs - Stewart, Olynyk, Garza, Jordan

Diallo and Cunningham may support the forward spot more than I had anticipated. Of course, any of the other forwards might still step-up to play a bigger role, and I think Garza has a lot of talent too.

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