Pistons Podcast Power Rankings: Week 3 (9/8/21)

I'm back after a week off, hiking the back country Glacier National Park. Check it out while the glaciers still exist! :/

As a recap, I started this power ranking system to determine for myself what pods are really worth listening to. I began by ranking the Pods based on popularity as an average of Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and then updated the ranking based on listening and reviewing each cast in Week 2. This week's ratings are based on pods from the past 2 weeks. Honestly, not a ton of content given that this is smack dab in the middle of a lull in team news. For the next month, it will take creativity for pods to stay relevant.

Pistons Podcast Power Rankings: Week 2 (9/8/21)

1. Motor City Hoops (Last ranking: 1; this week's grade: 7; Average grade: 7.33) - There were three episodes released during this time, and because I've come to like Bryce's style, I listened to all 3 of them. Honestly, the first two were forgettable. The first episode featured Bryce Hendricks of DBB, and it was a deep dive into potential lineups, and was honestly a bit too conjectural to really hold my attention. The second was a mailbag episode and discussion of a new project unrelated to the Pistons with Matt Issa. Honestly mailbag episodes are OK, and i understand that volume oriented pods like MCH sometimes feature discussions unrelated to the team, but it honestly wasn't worth listening to. The final episode saved MCH's top ranking with the Pod of the Week featuring Pistons historian Keith Black Trudeau. The pod was a deep dive on the Teal era of the team, going from the transition out of the Bad Boys into the Grant Hill era into the Goin' to Work team. This was awesome... a near perfect episode. It was really detailed into an era of the team I grew up watching and was fairly obsessed with as a kid, but never knew the details. Totally fascinating.

2. Locked On Pistons (Last ranking: 3; this week's grade: 7; average grade: 7.33) - I only listened to one episode on 8/25 w Bryce from Motor City Hoops. Good discussion of several facets of the game. Not too many commercials. Most interesting part was discussion of Kelly vs Beef as starting center, and whether the two could share the floor together. Definitely helped Ku having another voice on the pod in Bryce. Maybe I can dig Ku's pod if i am selective.

3. The Bun & Cardigan Show (Last ranking: 2; this week's grade: 6; average grade: 7) - Again, not a terrible episode, but fairly meager discussion and analysis of the team. They spend a lot of time hyping eachother's projects outside of the pod. I don't dislike these guys but the pod is fading and may soon entirely run out of steam.

4. Palace of Pistons (Last ranking: 5; this week's grade: N/A; average grade: 6.5) - No episode

5. Everything Pistons (Last ranking: 6; this week's grade: 7; average grade: 6) - Episode of course discussed all the various minor news of the team, but particularly focused on the Sekou trade. I agreed overall with their take, and specifically that of Andrew who i've historically thought was kind of the dunce of the pod. Nice job, Andrew! Only thing that was questionable was asking whether Bill Laimbeer is actually a good coach or just a good WNBA coach. I think its clear he would thrive as a coach anywhere, and honestly I wish Joe D would have hired him instead of Flip back in 05-06.

6. Driving to the Basket (Last ranking: 4; this week's grade: 5; average grade: 6) - Episode devoted to a deep dive on the PGs on the roster. The 3 cooks format really hurt this episode. They spent about 30 minutes of an hour long pod rehashing Cade's summer league and should he start, or be brought along slow, or given the keys right away. I found myself agreeing with "Mike" and "Dante" in that he should be given the keys, and very much not agreeing with "Tommy" who kept using Game 1 of Summer League to justify why he needed to come off the bench or play off ball to a starting Cory Joseph. It's not just that I didn't agree with Tommy's take, but they discussed this ad nausium for 20 minutes, and then dropped it, only to pick up the debate for another 10 mins. The episode would be benefited from being shorter with some editing instead of an hour of redundant banter.

7. Wired Pistons (Last week: 7; this week's grade: 3; average grade: 4) - Chat with Cruse coach DJ Bakker. Honestly pretty boring episode with some volume/production issues. Cast host should put more effort into cultivating interesting questions and ensure that the cast is well produced, given that it is so short.

8. Detroit Bad Boys (Last week: 8; this week's grade: N/A; average grade: 4) - No cast this week.

9. Gen-Z (Last week: 9; this week's grade: N/A; average grade: 2.5) - No cast this week

10. Pistons v Everybody (Last week: 10; this week's grade: N/A; average grade: 2) - No cast this week, no grade.

ELIMINATED - 3 Rings - I did not listen to the episode posted, but it was described as a discussion on college football. As such, I no longer consider this to be a Pistons-focused podcast, and am gladly eliminating listening and discussing it in these rankings.

That's it folks... no big risers this week, but DttB fell 2 spots due to a blah, redundant episode, and thankfully 3 Rings eliminated itself. We've got about a month until preseason, so I'm assuming that the coming weeks will continue to be fairly meager. Looking forward to some new content from Laz when he finds the time. Until then, Bryce Simon is the rising star of the Pistons podcast world. Keep it up Bryce!

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