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Motor City Hoops Podcast: Chris Oliver, Founder of Basketball Immersion

Hami’s DNP, Bey’s Jumper, Ball Screen Offense, Scouting Report on Cade and MORE

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On episode 80 of the Motor City Hoops Podcast (follow on twitter @MotorCityHoops) I am joined by Chris Oliver, the founder of Basketball Immersion, The Basketball Podcast and Immersion Videos as well as a basketball mentor, trainer, and coach. We start off the episode with Chris giving his perspective on the culture of the Pistons “restoration” and then diving into Hami Diallo’s DNP and the long term outlook of Saddiq Bey’s jumper.

We then dive into some VERY interesting discussions around Coach Casey and the Pistons offensive/defensive schemes with a major emphasis on the ball screen. We finish off the episode bouncing around a range of topics from an opposing NBA teams scouting report on Cade Cunningham to analytics to the best Xs and Os guys Chris knows. All of this and MORE on this episode of MCH.

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With that said, I hope you enjoy this episode of Motor City Hoops!