5 stages of an NBA rebuild.

With our Pistons in a process of a rebuild I thought this artical was interesting and insightful as I came across it at randomn. I think the thought process is generally speaking inteligent and thought out and insightful and I like it in particular because it challenges some of my own opinions and ideas and there are parts of it I strongly disagree with even though I think its a worthy read....and is brief and concise.

The article was written during the 2015-2016 Denver Nuggets season and I like that its kind of a snap shot of the time and thought processes of the moment for the Nuggets themselves and around the league.....its kind of fun to look back at them in hindsight.

With our Pistons currently in stage 2 (takikng lumps with the youngsters) Interested to know what other fans think is the best course out of stage 2? and how we proceed....expectations, benchmarks timelines etc....anything else of note.

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