Starting to Lose It Over Hayes

What's the deal? O for, just doesn't get the job done!

Hayes had all off-season to get his shot mechanics worked out. Is there or isn't there any fire in him to make shots? He better figure it out fast.

I know he's just 21. I know he's a good defensive player. I see he's protecting the ball well. I like the assists he's making. I just think the shooting is overshadowing it all.

I think it's time for him to either start being a force as of game 3 or time to trade him. What do others think? For whatever reason maybe a fresh start is the only answer to the problem. I hope he starts to drain some shots, but I'm losing it over how slow his progression is coming.

It would be interesting to see how Weaver can deal a guy like Hayes too. I mean, can he trade well? I like his draft picks, he's picked up some pieces in salary dump trades, but can he trade talent straight up?

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