7'4" Victor Wembanyama

Where would you play him? Have you seen how long he is and how good of a shooter he is? This kid is unbelievable!

Ok, so there are concerns like that for Chet Holmgren that he is too lean and could be injury prone. There is some evidence of this too. He's had back, shoulder, and finger injuries. I watched a video and was concerned he could bump his head regularly too on the rim.

He looks like a small forward to me. Even at 7'4" he moves, dribbles, and shots that well. I don't see the bulk playing well inside although his length provides shot blocking and rebounding prowess. Covering other leading scorers could change the game as we know it. I suppose it will all come down to whether he can stick with other small forwards or will not have quite the agility.

I have my fingers crossed. I'd love to see him playing for the Pistons next year.

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