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DBB Podcast: Goin Under and Over the 2022-23 Detroit Pistons

Ben and Laz return to talk about the start of the Pistons’ season

DBB podcast

Hey everyone. This is Laz Jackson of Detroit Bad Boys, and we’re back! On this week’s episode Ben Gulker and I talk about the Bojan Bogdanovic trade, our thoughts on Media Day performance, and dole out some over/unders for your 2022-23 Detroit Pistons.

Ben and I are excited to be back, excited for this regular season to get going, excited to see the young guys take strides... but we also want to be realistic about what this season is going to look like in terms of wins and losses. I hope both of those made it’s way through the podcast.

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Thank you so much for listening. Enjoy the podcast, y’all: