Rotation thoughts after the Knicks game

The Knicks game made clear to me that the Pistons are too small upfront with that starting lineup they rolled out last night, and the athleticism on this team pales in comparison to many other teams. To compensate, I think the Pistons depth chart needs to be as follows:

C: Duren, Bagley, Noel (The rook protects the rim & matches up with the Mitchell Robinson's of the world. Play Bagley if you need offense, Noel if you need Defense. Bagley is NOT a forward. He cannot shoot. He's really not the type of passer you want for a Center, but he does have an effective around the rim offensive game.)

PF: Stewart, Bey (Stewart is shooting now. Let his offensive game expand while enjoying his toughness and switchability of defense. Duren & Stewart is a good defensive pairing. In moving Bey, he's instant offense off the bench. The Pistons have a glut of earthbound 6'7 dudes. Can't afford to play 3 of them as starters. The Pistons would get all their paint shots swatted, be unable to defend the lane and get eaten up on the boards.)

SF: Bogdonovic, Burks, Livers (No matter who Casey plays from this trio, he's got an excellent shooter to roll with. All of these guys can also help out at other positions, in a pinch)

PG: Cunningham, Hayes, Joseph (Cade has GOT to stop turning the ball over! Killian looks ready to really bring it this year. This group is still going to have trouble defending whippet-quick rival point guards)

SG: Ivey, Diallo, McGruder, Knox (Between Ivey and Diallo, the Pistons will have a superior athlete at the 2 guard putting tremendous pressure on the opposition at both ends of the floor. And, if you need pure shooting at that spot, McGruder and Knox can get you long range buckets)

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