Is this the lost season?

I have a hard time being excited about the Pistons this year. I remember reading and hoping that this season we'd return to respectability and perhaps contending for a playoff spot. That thought or dream seems long gone. Is it a tank year instead? Are we all waiting and hoping that the lottery falls our way again?

Are calls and flight arrangements being made to get Big Ben to the draft one more time? Is he clearing his calendar? Or, is it Joe Dumars or Isiah Thomas' turn to attend the draft for the Pistons? Chauncey would be another good representative if he wasn't Portland's head coach...

How can the odds be improved? Is there any way to improve our chances of getting VW? Can't Tom Gores make some calls? Is everything really on the up and up in the NBA? Surely they want the Pistons to return to relevancy, right?

This season seems irrelevant. Even player development seems lost - injuries to Cunningham, Stewart, Bey, and now Ivey! Duren perhaps will improve, but it almost seems we have vets leading the way the rest of the season: Bogdanovic, Burks, Joseph, Noel, and McGruder.

Ok, ok, I got a bit carried away. Hayes, Bagley, Livers, Knox, and Diallo might get a chance to buff up their shine a bit. I just have a hard time getting very excited about this group. They really need to break out to prove that they can shoulder a far greater load and be difference makers that I hope to see for a future championship run.

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