Pistons beat Mavs 131-125 behind Killian Hayes' 22 points

Pistons Win!

No worries, guys, I've got this

Killian Hayes scored 14 of his 22 points in the fourth quarter and overtime to lead the Pistons to a 131-125 OT win over the Dallas Mavericks. Other major contributors were Bojan Bogdangerous (30 points on 14 shots) and Marvin Bagley "III and it's through" (shot 7-10 with 13 rebounds).

The Pistons outrebounded the Mavs 52-30, and despite missing the most important rebound of all and allowing Luka Doncic to hit the 3 that sent the game to overtime, the Mavs just couldn't stop Killian Hayes during Free Basketball. Since Pistons/Mavs was the only game on tonight, the whole NBA took notice:

It's been a challenge to find happy Killian photos, but if Killian keeps up his current streak of solid play, they should become a lot more common.

Happy Killian

Hooray Killian!

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