Pistons are better off with Bey than Bojan

At time when the Pistons are not winning Bojan trade value is high now and Bey's is at an all time low.

But did you know that on random sampling of some high minute 3 player lineup combinations (add more if you want) Bey far outperforms Bojan ( He has a better net rating). If Bojan were traded some of his minutes would go to Bey. So we MAY do better with Bojan gone AND get something good for him!

Bojan-Stew-Ivy = negative 8.4 Bey Stew-Ivy = negative 2.5

Bojan-Hayes-Ivy = negative 17.6 Bey-Hayes-Ivy =negative 9.0

Bojan-Hayes-Stewart =negative 13.1 Bey-Hayes-Stewart =positive 6.1

Bojan-Stew-Cade =negative 3.9 Bey- Stew-Cade =negative 4.9

Bojan Bagley-Hayes= negative 26.3 Bey-Bagley-Hayes =negative 7.5

Bojan-Duran-Ivy= negative 16.2 Bey-Duran-Ivy =negative 10

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