Killian & Ivey...Backcourt of the (No, Not The Future) Season!

I keep reading posts like these...

About to hit the new year and Killian is still the worst qualified shooter in the league by a large margin.
Say what you want - Killian is not a competent, everyday NBA player.
I thought we (DDB) were over ^THIS^.

So many still think Killian's not much better than a bust. Most of these people think Ivey's going to be a star. What's weird / strange to me is their play lately has been quite similar. BTW - I think both are promising and patience is necessary.

I put the following on a thread yesterday, but didn't get much reaction. Hence the FanPost.
Barring injury, Killian & Ivey will be the starting guards for the remainder of the season.
Here's what's happened since CADE went down (21 games ago) and Ivey and Killian have both been starting and playing around 30 minutes night.

  • Ivey has shot (99 - 242) overall @ 40.9%. He's shot '3's (25 - 82) @ 30.5%. PPG = 16 average.
  • Killian has shot (97 - 237) overall @ identical 40.9%. '3's (29 - 84) @ 34.5% PPG = 11.3 average.
  • Since the shot attempts and percentages are so close, what accounts for the difference in PPG?
  • FT attempts...Ivey is (65 - 90), 72.2% = 4.2 pg. and Killian is (15 - 19), 78.9%. = 0.9 pg.

  • Also since both starting -
    • Killian' has 65 more assists than Ivey (135 to 70).
    • Killian is tied for second on the team in blocks (10 to Ivey's 3).
    • Killian has 13 more steals than Ivey (25 to 14).
    • Killian has 16 less TO's than Ivey (53 to 37).
    I cannot explain the difference in perception on DBB when their actual game results align so closely. If I had to pick one player, I would say here Killian's stats are more productive during this stretch. And I haven't even brought up their on the ball defense.

    IMO - Advanced stats aren't all they're cracked up to be. Sometimes I think people don't even watch the games and just hunt stats. I believe one can judge better by actually watching the games. I feel the above passes the eyeball test.

    BTW - I'm not down on Ivey. He deserves all the patience all the youngsters need. Just tired of the bias...
    If you agree, I would like to hear some voices of support. If not, I'd like to hear how and why I'm mistaken. Thanks Everyone!

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